6xxx and & 7xxx series Alu sheet

  • 7075/7050/7005/7A04/7A09  Aluminium Sheet

    7075/7050/7005/7A04/7A09 Aluminium Sheet

    7XXX Series aluminum sheet belongs to Al-Zn-Mg-Cu super duralumin, which is a cold-treated forging alloy with high strength and hardness,. It is widely used in the manufacturing of high-hardness mold, high-end mobile phone shell, thick plate, heavy forging and golf components, precision parts ...
  • 6063 aluminum sheet

    6063 aluminum sheet

    6063 aluminum sheet is a medium-strength heat-resistant strengthened alloy in the AL-Mg-Si series. Mg and Si are the main alloying elements. It widely use for building profiles, irrigation pipes, pipes, rods, profiles for vehicles, stands, furniture, elevators, fences, etc.
  • 6061 aluminum sheet

    6061 aluminum sheet

    6061 aluminum sheet is a high-quality produced by heat treatment and pre-stretching, it exhibits excellent processing performance, excellent weldability and electroplating, good corrosion resistance, high toughness. It is suitable for the manufacture of precision machinery, automotive wheels, 3C ..